When Should Powered Roller Conveyor Systems Be Used?

Conveyor System

When we say powered roller conveyor system, we are referring to a powered version of a roller conveyor that is used for powering bends and curves. They are frequently used in combination with a traditional conveyor belt. They are used in packing and parcel situations in addition to purposes that relate to lightweight transport of certain products and items weighing up to 20 kilos each. In these situations this kind of conveyor system is used quite widely.

A powered roller conveyor system is completely motorized. These systems provide accumulation. When each package gets to the end of the conveyor belt, according to Fastrax expert, it stops rather than the conveyor stopping. This results in the packages gradually collecting at the end of the conveyor so that individuals can pick up the luggage or packages and have them transferred over to another conveyor automatically.


Powered Roller Conveyor System Advantages

Powered roller conveyor systems carry out their function in a particular style. Its rollers are powered automatically. This type of drive continues to run along the unit’s length under the roller bed. Then all of the rollers are connected to it with a rubber band that then turns the rollers. Whenever a package gets to end of the conveyor belt and stops there, there is friction between the halted package and roller that results in the rubber band slipping so that the roller under the package stops but doesn’t disturb the other parts of the system. This whole systems runs in a very systematic manner, so that is definitely appears to be the best option for transporting lightweight items and products. However, this method cannot be used to convey heavy items. If you are considering the advantages that you can receiving from using this kind of powered roller conveyor system, then the following discussion should shed more light on the subject for you.

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Roller Conveyor Systems

If your business involves handling lightweight materials or packages, then it can be very helpful to use a powered roller conveyor system.

Using this type of system can save you a lot of money and time and allow you to hand materials in an efficient manner. As long as the weight of your items is 20 kilos or less, this is the best option for transporting them.

A powered convey system helps to randomly move your products and makes it possible to have multi-directional transportation.

With a powered roller conveyor system, it is possible to always ensure even distribution of the entire load. With the workload uniformly spread out, they are able to operate at maximum potential. If needed, custom designed clutches may be fitted onto the roller body to increase efficiency even more.

With this type of conveyor system it is easy to move, divert, sort and transport packages and good at various speeds with assistance from a custom roller conveyor. Different junctions are enabled so that items can be sorted. The speed of the items may be regulated while they are moving as well.

These days this type of system is being increasingly used in many different enterprises and industries. Within the food industry using these types of conveyor systems has very strong advantages:

While items are being transported, a power roller conveyor system stays stable. Therefore, conservation of resources and costs for a company can be positively influenced. This type of conveyor system is being used in various food production lines these days.

According to whatever their specific needs are, customers can choose the roller according to sprocket length, whether double row or single row, as well as carrying capacity.

Powered roller conveyor system designs are kept simple. That means that maintenance is simple also as well as ease of manufacturing.

Although powered roller conveyor systems have very high efficiency, the noise that they produce is very negligible also.

If you are searching for a powered roller conveyor system to change your business, there are systems available to best suit your industry. This makes it possible for you to have a custom solution to meet your specific business needs.

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