Startups Ideas For 2016: What’s Your Best Bet For Success?

Starting your own business is the American dream, but the opportunities of today are more vast and volatile than ever before. While there are more avenues to take in building a business, the competition is incredibly fierce. Here are a few of the most promising ventures you can take in the new year.

1. Delivery Or Storage

While both sound rather boring, delivery and storage are big business in 2016 and beyond. Big companies need little companies to help them get their products to customers or to store them until the customer can pick them up. Consider setting storage locstorage and deliverykers up locally or picking up the slack for deliveries where the major companies leave off. Either way, delivery and storage can be a lucrative focus for any startup.

2. Fitness Boot Camp

No matter how advanced the world becomes, people will still need to lose weight and get in shape, and do it the old fashioned way – by working for it. If you have any expertise in fitness, think about becoming a professional consultant who runs a camp for getting people down to size. You don’t need a lot of space or equipment and the going rates are pretty steep, meaning your profits can be huge.

3. Renting A Room In Your Home

There are a lot of companies popping up that specialize in renting rooms for specific needs and events. If you’re in a popular area, such as Seattle, Atlanta or anywhere around a big sports venue, get in touch with one of these companies. You could quickly prep a room in your home for rental and thereafter, simply rake in the dough.

4. Smart Home Technology

Smart homes are unquestionably the way of the future and this is an area you can still get involved with before it becomes too saturated and therefore, competitive. Investigate products, brush-up on your programming skills or start promoting an existing home tech company. The earlier you make connections and establish yourself, the sooner you can make your mark on this growing industry.

5. 3D Printing 3d printer

You can make amazing things with 3D printers and the future for this market is virtually unlimited. Although they can be expensive, you can start making money off production right away. The key is to tap into areas that aren’t already capitalized on, and hit the ground running. You could make small parts that are currently manufactured overseas and try selling them to local companies. More and more businesses want American made items and you can offer a lower price than an overseas companies because you don’t have to ship internationally. If you’re an artist, see what kind of jewellery or sculptures you can create with 3D printing. This industry is growing rapidly and the technology changes even faster, so get in while the getting is still good!

When starting up a company, you need to know it can carry you into the future. While your ideas should be limited only by your imagination, they should be grounded in something tangible and practical. These startup ideas can lead to your success, whether you start them on the weekend from your basement or go all out in front of venture capitalists. Whatever you decide, be prepared to devote all your time and energy, and to be persistent until you reach your goals.