Is it Possible for a Business to Profit and Contribute to Positive Changes?

Is it Possible for a Business to Profit and Contribute to Positive Changes?

Chivas, the Scottish whiskey maker, has decided to find out the answer to this question with its million-dollar fund set aside for start-up companies. The Venture campaign, as it is titled, gives entrepreneurs the chance to win a share of this fund.

Chivas hopes that this fund will prove to the winners that a business can be both profitable and promote positive changes in the workforce. The winners will be among the most promising startups and get to share not only the million dollar fund but also some of the most valuable advice from the world’s foremost business experts. These start-ups will also be announced to the public who gets an opportunity to vote for the business that they believe deserves the share of that fund.

The main aim of the campaign according to Chivas and the many successful entrepreneurs helping with it is to show startups how they can promote positive changes in the world as well as earn money. The Venture campaign aims to provide funding to those entrepreneurs who strive to achieve both of these goals.

Chivas also recently commissioned a report to explore the relevance of social entrepreneurship. It found that social entrepreneurship is growing to a point where it is already tipping and becoming a part of the mainstream. The social movement demonstrates that the challenges and opportunities that face this new generation of professionals are being met. This new generation is working to make the world a better place.

Among the 95 percent of participants who took part in this report agreed that it is possible for a company to profit and also have a positive impact on society. They found that the main obstacle in starting any business, especially a social one, was a lack of accessing funding. This was cited by 68 percent of respondents. This report finds that capitalism can be a force for good.

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