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With more than 300 regular clients and around eight years of experience, Abertha Business is now one of the most reputable business based blogs you can find these days. We know that we are doing a great job because our audience expands every single day. And it is still growing.

If you want to become a part of our community, be free to do so. You can contribute to our readers in many ways, but we advise you to start with sharing your ideas.

Of course, the best way of doing this is by writing a guest post for our blog. So, if you know to deal with words and if you have something to say about business and finance, just give a try.

Here are some rules for all our authors:

What You should do?

Before you start writing, ask yourself would your content be useful to readers or not?Don’t write about topics and things that nobody cares about. Try to put yourself in the reader’s shoes. This is probably the best advice we can give you here.

Try to include several examples or personal experiences within your article. Our readers just like to read personal stories and how other people resolve their problems.

Only fresh and original content will be taken into consideration.

Beside originality, try to be creative.

You can send us some of your previous works. We would like to read it.

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