The Struggles of a Small Business

For many businesses,  the current market situation is causing small businesses to struggle to stay afloat. The is a large number resources available for people to utilize for opening small businesses. This has caused a flood of new businesses to arise in same categories. All this competition has put a strain on the new small businesses owners. This creates a need to get the  businesses advertised in as many places as possible. One of the key tactics the businesses owners can take is utilizing search engine optimization tools. The search engine optimization tools help the business appear higher on the search engine list when a consumer does a search for a business or a service that matches what they are looking for.

The Struggles of a Small Business

The higher the businesses show up on the search engine list the more likely the business will be seen by more consumers. When consumers search the internet, they rarely look past the first page of results. If a consumer is looking for the best place to get their hair done, they are likely to do a search for hair salons. Of the websites that are likely to come up for hair salons, there are often websites that show nothing but discounts and coupons for the particular service they searched for. One of the websites that provides discounts and coupons for various businesses is Consumers are likely to find discounts and coupons on that they would not get anywhere else.


The best thing that has come out of all this competition is that the consumers have more small businesses to choose from. The increased competition has also given the consumer better prices for the products and services that they are looking for. In the end, the consumers are the ones that come out the winners by the market getting flooded by so many new small businesses.




How to Promote Your Small Business Online

Small business owners often see high online-marking entrance costs associated with large social media sites as a barrier to advertising online. And while it may be true that social media sites can be expensive to advertise on, that isn’t the only way for a small business to advertise online.

Online Forums

An online forum is a place where enthusiasts and general consumers chat about products and services in the marketplace. These are often the place where those who are researching a new product online will end up.

These sites provide wide-reaching and lost cost advertising spaces which can engage not only new customers during the all-important research stage but also retain long-term customers by maintaining a visual point of presence to the very people buying the products.

Coupon Sites and Appscoupon

Putting a sign up in the window just isn’t going to cut it, anymore. Registering sales and offers with various coupon sites is a great way to put your brand in the face of countless new customers. Sites like the Groupon Coupon page for CarParts are the best way to get in on the coupon craze and spend your valuable marketing dollars wisely.

Stay Local stay local

Gone are the days where you would type ‘hairdresser in Chicago’ and be presented with a bland list of results. Now, the results include amap showing the user location and the various salons around them.

This tool isn’t reserved for big business and can be a powerful mechanism to attract new customers. Best of all – it doesn’t cost a lot of money.

By simply registering the details of your business with various large space search and map providers, your company is prominently shown without the need to spend money on purchasing keywords searches.

If you rely on this strategy, however, be sure to have your customers complete online reviews and to ‘check-in’ to your establishment. When users are presented with local results, the more information and reviews they can see, the better.

If you are running a small business, then the longevity of your business depends on how well you can adapt to the online marketplace. These are three easy and versatile ways for any small business to start the shift.